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I help mission-focused groups like non-profits & educational organizations develop digital media that tells a story.

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Digital Media Management

When you have a mission, you have a source of motivation that goes deeper than spreadsheets and conversion rates. When you have a mission, you care about people.

Even though Digital Media Management can cover anything from apps and websites to content marketing and graphic design, there's really only one definition that matters:

Digital Media Management is a mindful approach to telling your story through new technology.

It's the line of thought that asks if your website is working for you, if your narrative could benefit from an app, if your writing is bringing people in line with your mission.

Web Design

You need a home base, the launch pad for your projects and the destination for your future customers. Your website is where your online presence is yours to control.

Mobile App Development

You're trying to meet your audience where they're at. You want a mobile app, but you don't want another thing to manage. You need a mobile app that's integrated from the ground up into your website.


You want to grow, you're not entirely sure where your traffic is going or even where it comes from. You need data and you need someone who has the time to interpret it and extract actionable meaning.

SEO & AdWords

You want to be discovered. You want to be seen and heard by the very people who are looking for something just like you. You want the chance to be ready to provide value where others are looking for it.


You're gathering research, interested in asking questions and learning about process and strategies. You might have a project on the horizon or are just thinking about future goals and the best way to meet them head on.


You have a story to tell, and you'd like it to be authentic and genuine while remaining optimized for search and readability. You want the words on the screen to match the mission that drives you.

Interested in Learning More?

Start by reading the Intro to Digital Media Management that covers the basics of digital media and some practical advice.

Or let's talk about your goals and what we can do together to reach them.

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